The novelty is called YN43.

The second video dedicated to the smartphone camera. Fujifilm released a new firmware update for the XT-2. Experts demonstrated how прокат фототехники criminals will be able to integrate music videos with a voice command, which is not able to parse the person, but smart devices are wonderful know. In the last days of February were presented to the Sigma lens 70mm f/2.8 DG Macro | Art, the first Art range lens designed for macro photography. Company Yongnuo, прокат фототехники day ago presenting a close-up lens YN60mm F2 MF, published on its website images of the extraordinary chambers. Announcing the new product, the manufacturer has revealed all the specifications, but the price of the beginning date of the sales promised to speak further. Version 4.00 adds important new features this camera, including the ability to record F-log to the memory card, focus bracketing and time-lapse shooting in FullHD format. The researchers called this method of hacking CommanderSong. Dual main camera with Sony modules on 13 and 2 MP supports the creation of images of high resolution. The novelty is called YN43. With it, criminals can force the smart column or smartphone to take pictures, to call a toll number to send the message, etc. can Publish messages прокат фототехники , which are missing information, he ended this seven days. This is a series of frames, which are combined through signature techniques in one with a resolution of 65 Megapixels. F-log About the possibility to write F-log to the SD card (without using HDMI external recording device) customers have been asking for a long time. Unfortunately, the site until there are no specs. Discount Leagoo S9 is currently available to purchase for $129. A similar method of hacking shown by experts from Princeton and the Chinese University of Zhejiang. This update will give the filmmakers an optimal dynamic range, coupled with the mobility and compactness. So, full-frame lens valued at $ 569. But the name and images it is possible to assume that the camera sensor format Four Thirds. Time lapse Now the X-T2 will be able to shoot videos in slow motion mode in 1080p HD at a speed of 120 frames per second. It is available in versions for cameras Sigma, Canon and Sony (E-mount). Buy Leagoo S9 on Banggood The number of devices is limited. They demonstrated how voice assistants it is possible to manage by means of sounds which are not perceived by the human ear. Curious, but what lens mount is calculated on Canon lenses. The price at the time of publication. Experts have called this development DolphinAttack. Delivery-mount version Canon start this month. Bracketing focus


The developers of Civilization VI, it was announced this version.


He had to deliver a parcel weighing 2 kg in the neighboring village, but on his way "out grew" the three-storey house. At that time, when we were designing the GH4, we discussed whether to use phase detection autofocus or hybrid set autofocus contrast-detect domestic proprietary DFD.

The developers of Civilization VI, it was announced this version. to the fact

It is designed to fix rapid charger with Quick Charge.

The developers of Civilization VI, it was announced this version. not participate in

NVIDIA opens Academy for gamers Like the game? Then you urgently need to take the diploma of the Academy of GeForce gaming, NVIDIA organized. Despite the fact that 8K TVs and monitors are still not common, NHK develops 8K development in anticipation of future demand. That for the device, which species, it is not uncommon, on what principle and how it is working right, now we'll have a chat.

We concluded that when using contrast AF with DFD we were able to maximize the level of image quality. Having flown into a brick wall at high speed, the drone crashed on a small part.


p> Civilization VI for smart watch Tired similar to each other mobile time-killers? And how about the full version of the famous "Civilization" on a smart watch? The developers of Civilization VI, it was announced this version.

With the purpose of this NHK besides going to demonstrate the new display 8K VR for NAB 2018. How it works?   To expedite the process of filling the battery you need to уроки художественная обработка фото в фотошопе use the charger more power.

With a set of phase autofocus level image quality possible worse. Now at the bottom of people passed by the wreckage, but nobody was hurt. Smart socks to control the TV

Exactly this объектив 18 55 canon happened to никонианская барахолка everyone: you sat in front of TV with a plate of snacks, dirty hands, food, and all of a sudden you need to stop playing or transfer channel.

The developers of Civilization VI, it was announced this version. 55 canon      happened to                                           никонианская

In addition, NHK presented the development, which reduces the amount of transmitted data at a resolution of 8K with a huge value of 40 Gbit/s to a more manageable, but still a huge 8 GB/s. This is due to the fact that the pixels phase detection embedded in the sensor surface, but do not participate in image formation.

Early development allowed to realize the strength of the current up to 2 a at A voltage of 5 V, which gave a total power of 10 watts. In this case you have to wipe his hands on himself or try a clean finger to push the button on the remote. According to information which we currently raspolagaet,, Dron was made by the Russian company "Ruton/Forwarder 3M". The transmitter then converts the contents into a signal for the IP streaming.

Manufacturer of set-top boxes Roku solved this problem a special smart socks.