Weight-350 g.


It is worth to notice that Honor 9 have one of the highest points in the national rating of 8.7. Allegedly, in particular the optimal lens for portrait shooting.

Weight-350 g. proprietary interface add-on

Appearance and characteristics In the model EOS 4000D used time-tested solution: a plastic lens mount and turning on the camera with the mode dial сравнение canon 77d и 80d was used 18 years ago in film camera EOS 30 and 18 megapixel sensor and DIGIC 4+ are well established in the model EOS 1300D.

Smartphone manufacturers are trying to use in the new models, the most relevant assumptions of the Android OS, and in the flagship devices, and in budget. At the end of a considerable number of leaks, the Motorola brand has officially unveiled a new smartphone budget line of Moto E5 and devices of the middle class series Moto G6.

  Body EOS 4000D is made of matte plastic and has a comfortable grip, thanks to which in the hand of medium and объективы пентакс small size the camera is very reliable. Honor 10 are already made in privina brand design glossy back surface of the protected glass catches the glare from light sources and beautiful shimmers.

But from time to time things don't go according to the plan (or the plan and does not exist as such), and as a result, models such as the Vivo Y53i. The lens features APO-Makro-Plasmat 105 f/2.7:

Focal length — 105 mm; The field angle is 25°; Large aperture — F/2.7; Minimum aperture F/22; The optical design of six elements in five groups.

Minimum focusing distance — 1.1 m; Number of diaphragm blades — 15; Bore diameter of filter — 52 mm; Dimensions — diameter 60 mm, length of 85 mm (for SLR cameras) or 105 mm (for mirrorless cameras);

Weight — 350 g. within each series, will be released on three devices: the basic version, cheaper Play and Plus.

Weight-350 g. will vary

But this year the design was a change: купить чехол samsung galaxy s8 not counting gray-blue and dark options seem two gradient iridescent answers.     Manage it easily, because all the buttons available for the thumb of the right hand, which is not true of the larger models DSLRs.

The proposed lens in mounts for Canon, Nikon, Fuji X, Leica M, Sony E, Fuji G, Hasselblad X1D, M42 and Pentax-K.

Weight-350 g. the basic version, cheaper Play

Smartphone built on a single chip together Qualcomm Snapdragon 425 and labor is running the old Android OS 6.0, which, but, supplemented with a proprietary interface add-on FunTouch OS 3.0. The latter will vary a huge screen and advanced features.